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Wax Waffles - SALE


These adorable waffle wax melts are approximately 40g each.

Spooky Pumpkin - A rich spicy fragrance where top notes of cinnamon and clove, rest upon warm pumpkin and vanilla.

Blood Cherry Cocktail - A rich accord with juicy orange and clove, followed by a heart of green apple, pumpkin, cherry, cinnamon and nutmeg, on a base of raisin and woods, with a dash of nutty vanilla.

Sherbet Zombie – a sweet confectionary accord of juicy lemon and lime and a splash of sweet orange and hints of red fruits, strawberry & raspberry followed by a fizzy tongue twisting sherbet.

Spooktacular – back by popular demand! An edible smelling ginger cake fragrance, combining ginger, cinnamon and clove with sweet creamy vanilla.

Pink Marshmallow Fireside – Again back by popular demand! Opening with the sweet scent of cherry almond that is layered upon a maple and coffee biscuit and swirled with a rich vanilla caramel at its core.

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