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Vacuum Discs

These highly scented discs will fill your home with fragrance as you vacuum. Just remove all packaging and place one or two discs in your vacuum filter. These come in packs of two. Fluffy Towels - a fresh scent of clean towels warm from the dryer with notes of lemon, apple lavender and lily. Bliss - this scent is an exotic blend of red berries and cherries, fine-tuned with a bouquet of white jasmine & smells that can come from powdery sweet peach. Rhubarb and Rose - a mouth watering rhubarb fragrance blended with tea rose and hints of pineapple. Cocoa butter - A rich powdery fragrance with delectable cocoa warmed by a drizzle of butter, vanilla and benzoin. J Choo - glamorous in attitude, the fragrance is a modern Fruity Chypre with warm, rich, woody depths. Cutie Paw- a fragrance that tackles home & pet odours. 1000 wishes - A festive blend of pink prosecco, sparkling quince, crystal peonies, gilded amber & amaretto crème.

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